Why Choose White Flag Security?

Security and vision

We see ourselves as a solution to existing security issues and threats.

Connected network

Proprietary database of malware and threats connected to an A.I. Learning Network.

24h Support

No matter how big or small your business is, we are here for you 24/7.

A to Z security

White Flag Security dedicates itself to covering all existing security issues and threats.

    • Local computer network. Microsoft (Windows), Apple or Linux networks, combined networks, with single or multiple internet points of exit
    • Application and software testing. Cross-platform applications, server-based or mobile applications, the goal is the same: ensuring our customers they are delivering the most secure app
    • GDPR and Data Protection. We have built dedicated packages for our customers, based on their needs and business specifics. Solicitor(lawyer) pack, accountant pack, construction scheme pack, it support pack and many more.
Prevented attacks
Protected files

Certification and training

We have scaled our Cyber Security Training to be available for everyone

  • Individual. All graduates will be able to verify their badges and knowledge online, via White Flag Security learning platform
  • Small, medium and large companies
  • Upon request training
Graduated students
Awards granted

Questions and answers

How much will pen-testing cost?

We don't know. The cost depends on the scale of pen-testing you wish to execute. That's why, before anything else, contact us. One of our representatives will look over your needs and provide a rough idea of the possible cost.

Can you hack into everything?

Everything is hackable. This doesn't mean we can guarantee an exploitation of something that we do not know in depth. Our security research team is more than qualified to find existing issues, to cover and to prevent any future incidents.

How is my data protected?

White Flag Security will take contracts based exclusively on our NDA and based on Contract. All your data, clients, or similar information are protected under the United Kingdom laws and kept secure on private servers with 4096 polymorphic algorithms which are generating new encryption keys each time.

How about GDPR?

GDPR is, on short, the legislation that allows a user/client to select and protect their data. We have dedicated GDPR packages and we are happy to provide you with a Data Protection Officer. And YES, we can cover all your GDPR and Data Protection needs.

What is the SLA you offer?

Our SLA is quite simple: 99% of the issues covered. We have an Incident Support Team(IST) that will be here for you 24/7. No matter what.

Do you do private projects?

Sometimes, YES. Why sometimes? We will choose the most challenging projects that we will see fit for our needs for development and research.

Ask us any questions