White Flag Security

                        Donation Agreement

We, White Flag Security Limited, agree to this donation of services to NGO Geeks for Democracy, Romania. as follows

The delegated person on behalf of White Flag Security is Catalin Bobe and Willy Weiss.
White Flag Security Limited is keen to invest and empower free software in order to help communities around the world.

Donor: WHITE FLAG SECURITY LIMITED, Company number 11541970, 65 Vicarage Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, England, B68 8HL.

The receiver of donation: Geeks for Democracy, Str. Gheorghe Roventa nr 3, Sector 2, București, Numar din Registrul Special al Asociatiilor si Fundatiilor: 121/19.12.2018, CUI 40343385, Romania.

Dedicated domain donation focus: https://dsp.g4d.ro/

List of donated items and/or services

  1. Web security testing
    1. This is done accordingly with the written consent https://dsp.g4d.ro/. The consent is provided via Facebook chat
    2. Data structuring. Strictly related to the coding and programming of the website
  2. Simple attack and vulnerability discover. 
  3. Security and GDPR. All the elements needed in order to secure the data, website routes and website access. GDPR is provided by the existing laws under the European Union and the United Kingdom

Workflow and decision structure

  1. The workflow and communications are going to be heald via Facebook, Skype, email or any other type of communications that can support history logs
  2. Working and development will be decided by Geeks for Democracy.
  3. Security and GDPR will be implemented after the Geeks for Democracy Inc. consent


  1. Both parties are requested to communicate clearly.
  2. All security details (emails, usernames, access keys, password, etc) are going to be sent via email, exclusively.
  3. White Flag Security Limited will ensure a backup of the initially existing website and structure, backup that will be provided via a download link.
  4. Both parties will inform each other in case of third-party access (teammates, employees, other) to any restricted area in order to prevent any security breaches

Applicable law and resolutions

  1. The applied law is Canadian and the United Kingdom, under the Commonwealth ruling
  2. Any incidents have to be treated first with mediation by both parties

This donation is not recurrent, is not implying any costs, is not representing any forced situation and will not carry any other responsibilities except the ones stated in this Agreement.

Date of emission: 11/11/2020

To be signed until: 15/11/2020

White Flag Security Limited: Catalin Bobe                   

NGO Geeks for Democracy.: Marian Raduna

Signed on 11/06/2020 12:25PM
IP Address: