Volunteer Agreement

Rintez Medical Companion is powered and supported by White Flag Security Limited.
Founder of Rintez Medical Companion is Catalin Bobe.
White Flag Security Limited is keen to invest and empower free software in order to help the communities around the world.

All the hardware and software is provided by White Flag Security Limited. The GDPR, Data security and Legal assessments are attributes of White Flag Security Limited. Empowered representative is Catalin Bobe.

About Rintez Medical Companion

Rintez Medical Companion purpose is to create a FREE OF USE ecosystem that will provide, via online tools, free of charge health and wellbeing recommendation. This ecosystem is built using different set of tools, some open source some closed source. The idea and concept started in August 2019. The first hardcoded smart algorithm program was live and used as a self contained program from January 2020.

At this time, April 2020, Rintez Medical Companion is developed exclusively by privately volunteered efforts.

Please review the following agreement and complete the required information at the bottom of the form to confirm your understanding of this agreement. At the end please save a copy for your own use and diligences (if is the case).

• This agreement describes the relationship between you and the Rintez Medical Companion. Rintez Medical Companion deeply appreciates your willingness to volunteer your time and talent. We will do our best to ensure your volunteer experience is enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding.

Rintez Medical Companion and its volunteers share the common core purpose of advancing internet activities and development and both should embrace and pursue the goals and objectives of the Rintez Medical Companion strategic plan.
Rintez Medical Companion and its volunteers have separate responsibilities when providing service to the Rintez Medical Companion and its members. This agreement clarifies those responsibilities and minimizes potential misunderstandings. In addition, this agreement acknowledges that Rintez Medical Companion is a valuable entity and ensures consistent quality among all Rintez Medical Companion programs and services.

Rintez Medical Companion Responsibilities
1. Clarification of Volunteer Assignment: we agree to clearly articulate the nature of your volunteer assignment, your start date, and your end date.
2. Orientation and Training: we agree to provide you with an orientation and training for your specific assignment via written materials, online materials, phone or electronic conversations, in person, or some combination of these communication methods.
3. Communication: we agree to provide clear, timely, and relevant communication concerning your volunteer responsibilities and respond to your information requests within a reasonable time.
4. Support: we agree to provide you with appropriate Office staff support, volunteer support, and a specific Office staff member (or volunteer) whom you can contact with all questions and concerns.
5. Equal Opportunity: we will ensure that you are treated in accordance with our policy on equal opportunity.
6. Problem Resolution: we agree to make every effort to timely resolve your assignment-related problems.
7. Confidentiality: we agree to not disclose any personal information about you to anyone outside Rintez Medical Companion (or White Flag Security Limited) organization without your expressed consent
8. Respect: we agree to respect your skills and dignity and will accommodate your reasonable individual needs.
9. Feedback: we agree to be open to your feedback about ways we can improve our combined approach to tasks and responsibilities.

Volunteer’s Responsibilities
1. Performance: you agree to perform your volunteer responsibilities to the best of your ability.
2. Institutional Support: you agree to secure your institution’s support for your time and other resources necessary to complete your volunteer responsibilities.
3. Standards and Procedures: you agree to comply with all standards, policies, and procedures provided to you by the Rintez Medical Companion.
4. Confidentiality: you agree to treat the information of Rintez Medical Companion and Rintez Medical Companion users as confidential. You agree to not use any information provided during Rintez Medical Companion meetings (or other deliberations) for any purpose other than to further your volunteer assignment.
5. Representation: you agree to not sign any contracts or legal documents on behalf of Rintez Medical Companion binding Rintez Medical Companion to any agreement. Rintez Medical Companion Executive Founder or designated staff member must sign all contracts. You also agree to not create any obligation of the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION, financial or otherwise, without staff approval.
6. Commitments: you agree to fulfill your agreed-upon time commitments absent unusual circumstances. In the event of unusual circumstances, you agree to give RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION reasonable notice so the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION can make alternative
arrangements to fulfill your commitments.
7. Communication: you agree to have open, honest, and timely communication with RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION concerning your volunteer status, especially your volunteer responsibilities and progress in achieving defined goals.
8. Organizational Integrity: you agree to represent RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION in the best possible light and to obtain all necessary facts before making conclusions and/or public comments about RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION.
9. Computer Resources: you agree to provide the necessary computer, phone, and other resources necessary to support your volunteer involvement. You agree to use these resources regularly to stay connected to your volunteer assignment.
10. RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION Property: you agree to not misuse RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION property or resources.
11. Other Organizations: you agree to not disparage any competing association or organization

Conflict of Interest Policy
A conflict of interest may exist when your personal interests compete with Rintez Medical Companion interests. For example, you may have a competing interest motivated by your family or some affiliated organization. You shall not use your volunteer position (or information obtained through your volunteer position) in any way that conflicts with the interests of RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION and/or Rintez Medical Companion affiliates. You have a continuing duty to comply with this policy and to give Rintez Medical Companion interests priority over your personal interests when dealing with RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION.

You cannot conduct personal business with RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION without written approval by the Founder and/of the (future or existing) Executive Director. When you have a financial interest in a particular transaction, a conflict of interest may exist. A financial interest is a direct or indirect:

a) real or potential ownership and/or investment interest in an entity with which the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION transacts business or is negotiating with to transact business; or
b) real or potential compensatory arrangement with an entity or person with which the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION transacts business or is negotiating with to transact business;

You may not use your position and/or information gathered through your volunteer role to personally profit through any business or enterprise (for profit or nonprofit) that competes with any association member or provides educational, business, entertainment or consulting services to the higher education community. This includes business or enterprises that may or may not be current associate members of RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION.

Joint Items of Agreement
Copyright/Ownership Issues: it is agreed that any materials you produce and submit to the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION (including graphic materials, narratives, research, etc.) becomes common property shared with the RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION. You will receive proper professional credit for your contributions.

I acknowledge receipt and acceptance of Volunteer Responsibilities, Conflict of Interest Policy and Joint items of Interest.
This agreement, signed by you and RINTEZ MEDICAL COMPANION is binding in honor only and is not intended to represent a legal contract or imply any employment relationship between us either now or in the future. Nevertheless, this agreement serves to guide our relationship so both our needs are met.

Rintez Medical Companion Founder: Catalin Bobe                   

Volunteer Name:     VOLUNTEER NAME

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